UnifiMD: know about UnifiMD medical software?

UnifiMD: know about UnifiMD medical software?

February 21, 2022 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

UnifiMD Want to deliver the best possible quality of care to your patients? If yes, then investing in comprehensive electronic medical records software is indispensable. These technology-driven products are designed to help you stay on top of patient needs and provide ongoing visibility into efficiency. But not every Healthcare IT product is worth investing in – the wrong EMR system can affect your operational efficiency and result in costly delays. One electronic health recording platform that will let you play safe is UnifiMD EMR.

In this piece, we will go about the top 5 UnifiMD features that are lauded by users and make this platform an excellent software choice for healthcare facilities.

UnifiMD EMR – An overview

Lytec and Medisoft software professionals joined their forces to offer you an all-inclusive medical software solution UnifiMD. This EMR software is designed to ease your work processes so you can improve productivity and increase your overall revenue collections. The software offers enough flexibility to fit into your workflows. Its billing services have also received perfect-star ratings from users.

This software solution is designed in collaboration with practicing physicians to seamlessly meet the unique requirements of independent healthcare facilities of varying sizes and specialties. It offers tailor-fit features to streamline your day-to-day tasks like scheduling, coding, charting, e-prescribing, patient engagement, internal messaging, and more. You can even customize the screen format and enter patient data according to your personal preferences.

UnifiMD EMR reviews also confirm that this fully-integrated software system helps users in operations like financial management and documentation. It also allows clinicians to manage revenue and billing the patient while monitoring the entire patient visit system. The billing module is in accordance with the industry regulations, as well as updated to remove all your billing woes. In addition to this, you can easily access the software on phone apps or download it on internal servers. UnifiMD EMR is for small practice emr.

Top features mentioned in UnifiMD EMR reviews: UnifiMD


The UnifiMD software solution comes with a variety of features to help you streamline your daily practice workflows. Listed below are the ones that are easy-to-use and highly appreciated by users. Continue reading to find out more.

Electronic prescribing: UnifiMD

The electronic prescribing tool in UnifiMD is a crucial feature for any medical practice as it allows providers to transfer a secure electronic prescription to their patient’s preferred pharmacy. This medical management system is designed on the experience of over 1 billion medication transactions. It offers patient medication adherence support, electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS, and medication history data access to its users. Other key offerings of this feature include:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • PDMP Integration
  • Clinical Alerts
  • Medication History
  • Personalized Look and Feel
  • Legacy and Controlled Substances (EPCS)
  • Medication Adherence Monitoring and Behavioral Support
  • Real-Time Prescription Drug Benefit Check
  • Electronic Prior Authorizations

Patient engagement: UnifiMD

Patient engagement tools help practices ensure effective patient communication. UnifiMD EMR reviews vouch for the fact that the software makes it easier for users to perform routine and on-demand tasks. Clinicians can focus on patients and engage them actively throughout their care process. The software’s patient portal feature enables patients to access their health records, request prescription refills, schedule appointments, communicate with their providers, get follow-up notifications, and pay bills online. On top of this, they can fill out check-in forms and sign consent forms prior to their visit to reduce waiting times. The patient engagement tools also enable patients to schedule telehealth video visits, get automated appointment reminders, and exchange secure messages with their physicians.

Electronic labs

Another highly praised feature of this medical software solution is its advanced clinical interfacing technology. It allows you to connect effortlessly to all your favorite labs, pharmacies, hospitals, HIE’s and Registries. Healthcare providers can send and receive clinical data securely. In addition, features, such as, trending and task assignment, alerts for abnormal results, comparison of current and past results, and advanced reporting tools allow physicians to deliver more reliable care. You can also book a UnifiMD EMR demo to evaluate this feature in real-time.

Clinical documentation

The clinical documentation feature of UnifiMD EMR makes charting and documenting patient information a breeze for its users. It offers a number of customizable templates for different medical specialties so that no healthcare facility has to make do with generic forms. The software’s quick configuration feature even allows clinicians to see only the required sections for each patient encounter. Alongside this, it offers sub-specialty charting tools to help providers dig deeper while documenting patient notes.

Revenue cycle management

Billing is a breeze with UnifiMD’s billing module. The software streamlines all of the billing processes of practice with full efficiency as it is robust enough to increase office work productivity as a whole. This feature alone makes the UnifiMD EMR pricing worth it.  You can use its revenue cycle module to track the billing information of all your patients from a centralized location. Practice staff can create superbills by taking information from patient charts, while also receiving billing statements and payment information. In addition to this, the feature checks claim for errors and verify patient insurance eligibility. The medical billing services of this software integrate seamlessly into your EHR. You can also record patient copays in your EHR software before, during, or after the patient encounter.

Final thoughts

UnifiMD EMR software offers a powerful suite of solutions for providers working in different medical specialties. This all-in-one solution offers a variety of customizable features and patient engagement tools but lacks a bit in the customer support area. To finalize your decision regarding this electronic medical records software, we recommend considering your practice’s unique workflow patterns, budgets, requirements, and other aspects you deem necessary. We also suggest that you read as many UnifiMD EMR reviews as possible to make an informed decision for your practice. For more information, visit FindEMR and get in touch with our team of experts.