what factors to consider before buying your insurance

what factors to consider before buying your insurance

March 9, 2022 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

Whenever we are travelling, we always forget about the most important part. That is the travel insurance. Many people plan their trips and book the best of accommodations. But they forget to have their travel insurance.

People also believe that it is an unnecessary expense that will increase their costs. Also, there is a thought about what will go wrong in the trip. There are many essential things that can go wrong with your journey.

Start from the essential small thing, i.e. losing your baggage. If you lose your baggage, it can actually create a hassle on your whole trip. There are multiple factors included in your travel, which is one of them.

Also, you may miss placing your passport. Other things include losing your wallet falling sick during your trip. These are all the common factors that can happen to anybody and anywhere. The list is never-ending.

Get the best travel safety.

Whenever you travel to a new city, you may face some unexpected circumstances. These circumstances can put you in problems and create stress for you. This is why it is recommended to take your travel insurance.

Do not be overconfident about everything. Always keep a backup with the financial position. This may help you to fall back upon this question anytime and anywhere. Before taking your travel insurance, always go for the proper research and effort.

Do not just take any kind of insurance. Instead, look for insurance that gives you many more benefits than the other ones. A policy that covers all your expenses is the best thing. 

Further, you can borrow quick cash loans to fund your travel. In Ireland, many people borrow these loans. You can also borrow them and gift yourself safe travel.

Travel insurance tips

1. Avoid buying from travel agents or tour operators

If you plan to purchase travel insurance, never go for a travel agent. For obvious reasons, opt for travel insurance from your insurance advisor.

There may be many travel agents or airlines, or tour operators offering you their travel. Do not go for this option. These may charge you a high cost on your insurance. Also, you may not get complete information on your insurance.

A travel insurance company will help you understand all the technicalities of your policy. Also, they are pro in their business and are well versed with the legal formalities.

2. Check with the cover of your policy

If you opt for travel insurance, always know the cover you need. For example, if you are travelling for business purposes, you should know the exact amount that you are asking for your insurance.

Your travel should cover all the medical facilities worldwide. Also, check the cancellation policy. If you cancel your policy, what are the criteria, and how can you cover it up.

There are some lenders that offer different loans such as travel loans, online car finance with bad credit etc. In Ireland, you can borrow these loans and cover all the expenses under your policy.

3. Always check with the excess

There is the amount that a policyholder has to pay to the insurance company for insurance. Be aware of the amount. For example, if your claim is £700, and the excess is £160, the insurer has to pay £540.

This may not be worthy of having that. Hence, be aware of the excess charges that are being put on your insurance.

These changes may affect your personal expenses. helps you to get rid of your unnecessary costs.

4. Check what is covered by the bank

Post buying insurance, check with all the facilities that are covered in it. There are many insurances that do not cover every cost and keep them hidden. Make sure to know about all the hidden fees.

This insurance must include all your basic needs and facilities that you require by travelling., From baggage to medical to Passport expenses.

Everything should be covered in it. Sometimes the basic things or eliminated from these insurances. Hence it is advisable to check all the paperwork before buying any kind of insurance.

5. Get all the adventure activities included

Many insurance policies do not involve risky and adventurous activities during travelling. If you are an adventure lover, do not buy insurance without these activities.

Some of the activities include bungee jumping, mountain climbing, scuba diving, horse riding. If you are going for a holiday, make sure to have all these activities covered in your insurance.

Being an adventurous person, buying insurance without these activities is useless for you. Make sure to get these activities covered in whichever policy you buy.

6. Check with the multiple trips included

Are you a frequent traveller? Do you have consecutive trips? If yes, make sure to have your policy covering multiple trips.

Some of the policies do not involve these multiple trips. Instead, they only cover one trip at a time. If you purchase any kind of policy, make sure that more than one trip is involved.

Also, if you are travelling with family, they should be insured. Look for that covers your family or you as a couple. Buying that covers a single trip may not prove to be beneficial for you.

7. Look for Feedback

Always do your research whenever buying for a policy. Make sure to check the feedback online and offline as well. These days even before buying chocolate, we do our research. Travel is a big thing.

Do not skip your research and make it worthwhile. Also, read the documents and analyze them whenever you are buying insurance. You can also visit different online forums and websites to get the best deal.


Travel insurance plays an essential part in your travelling. Many people do not understand the criticality of the policy. They travel without any backup with them.

There can be any unexpected expenses during your trip. Go for the right and have a safe trip.