Top 5 Ammunition In The World You Must Know

Top 5 Ammunition In The World You Must Know

March 10, 2022 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

Five Most Popular Ammunition In The World For Your Firearm

Are you a new gun owner? Are you trying to search for the best ammunition in the world for your firearm? Choosing the right type of ammunition for your fireman is an important and complex task. Each kind of ammunition has its own kind of usage and benefits. There are plenty of different common sizes of ammunition for your fireman. Having the best ammunition is important to keep your fireman safe while having optimal performance. 

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Now, let’s dive into the five most popular ammunition in the world for your fireman. 

List Of Most Popular Ammunition In The World

Below, we’ve compiled the list of the five most popular ammunition in the world. 

1- 9mm Ammo

9mm Ammo is the most popular ammunition bought by people worldwide. It is extremely versatile for shooting and self-defence. With variable grain and different designs, provide enough stopping power at close range to protect yourself. Also, it’s accurate enough to be used in competitions. For the light recoil and cheap price, it is the most purchased type of ammunition. The manufacture of 9mm ammo uses digital technology and advancement in the design of self-defence ammo. When it comes to shotguns, 9mm ammo is the most versatile high-performance choice for firearms. 

Why You Should Choose This

  • Used for handgun ammo for self-defence and target shooting. 
  • It has more recoil and is more challenging to shoot. 
  • It can be easily available online at an affordable rate. 

2- .22 LR: Ammunition

.22 LR is the best ammunition for the new shooters. It is capable of creating damage and it is used for teaching individuals how to shoot or for small hunting games. With no recoil and cheap price, .22 LR is the best choice for younger or a new shooter. 

Why You Should Choose This: Ammunition

  • It is useful for smaller game hunting or shooting. 
  • It is the best choice for plenty of shooting events such as bullseye, biathlon, etc. 
  • Due to the low bolt thrust, it is most-self loading ammunition for rifles. 
  • It is the most preferred choice of hunter or shooter because of its reliability and low costs. 
  • It is less expensive than other ammo. 
  • It can be easily fit in the .22WMR chambered due to the difference in size. 

3- .308 Winchester: Ammunition

.308 Winchester was first introduced in 1952 by the US military to replay the 03-06 Springfield. It has proven itself on the battlefield and is extremely versatile for hunting. Also It can be used for several big games hunting around the world. It is popular for hunting, shooting, matches, and military shipping. 

Why You Should Choose This

  • It is used for hunting, target shooting, metallic silhouette, bench rest target shooting, Palma, metal matches, military sniping, and police sharpshooting.
  • Perfect for hunting brown and grizzly bears. 
  • It is an excellent bad guy stopper.
  • It is most popular for self-defence. 

4- 12-Gauge

We can’t forget about the shotgun in the popular conversation. While shotguns come in a variety of gauges, the 12-gauge round is the best all-around cartridge. From home defence to hunting, the 12-gauge offers exceptional stopping power and affordable value. Hunters also use 12-gauge rounds for hunting birds and land animals.

Why You Should Choose This

  • It is used for hunting waterfowl like goose and duck. 
  • It is most versatile for all the shotguns. 
  • Provide excellent stopping power and affordable value. 
  • It is also used in self-defence, police and in the military. 
  • It is available online at an affordable price.

5- .223 Remington

This rifle round was developed in 1957 for the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle, which was adopted by the US military as the M16. The AR-15 rifle has become popular over the years due to its versatility, customization, and high performance.

In addition to military use, civilians use the .223 Remington round for small game hunting, target practice and recreational shooting.

Why You Should Choose This

  • It is popular for hunting or self-defence. 
  • It is common for bolt-action and single short rifles. 
  • It is used by a wide range of semi-automatic and manual action rifles. 


These are the five most popular ammunition in the world. These ammunitions are sold each year, there are many online shops that offer unique ammunition online at a reasonable rate. You can find plenty of options that are best for hunting or shooting. This post helps you to find out what type of ammunition is best for shooting or hunting you want to engage in, and then, dive into the repertoire of each specific type of ammo within each category.