Know the Types of Product Photography

Know the Types of Product Photography

April 7, 2022 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

Product Photography : Are you planning to upgrade your product photos on your e-commerce website to increase sales? Or perhaps you are in the urge of spreading your brand awareness to sell your products. Hiring professional website product photography services can help you make a good first impression on your customers. Thus, we will be discussing the varied types of product photography in this article.

Product Photography

The impact of your customers’ first impression about your products plays a vital role in sales conversions. That’s so because it is a deciding factor – whether the customers will stay engaged on your site or lose interest and leave your site. Keeping this in mind, always make sure to invest in building a website that grabs your customers’ attention.

Another important thing to note is that if you are already running an e-commerce business, you probably already know how good your products are. But a customer gets to know the quality of your product only when they have your product in hand; until then they just rely on the product images.

That’s why you will always find renowned brands showcasing great photos of their products along with delivering great product quality. Remember, product images not only represent the quality and value of your products but also builds transparency in your e-commerce business.

Different Types of Photography Shots

Just like an e-commerce store that features a wide range of products and services, website product photography showcases a variety of styles and purposes. While some photography shots are meant for daily use, others are unique and are to be used only in special cases. So, whether you want to maintain consistency in the look of your product images or try to create a unique look, you should essentially understand the difference between each type of product photography.

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That said, here’s a list of the most common types of product photography shots.

  • Individual Shots – This is one of the most common types of product photography shots that capture only one object in a frame. These types of photos are usually featured in banner images, product catalogs, and even product pages, to showcase a product independently out of the entire collection.
  • Group Shots – As the name implies, this type of product photography showcases a group of products together. These shots are usually used to display product kits and collections. Group shots can help in displaying a complete view of the range of products that you offer. Ideal for social media posts and advertisements, these shots give the taste of the whole brand to the customers.
  • Lifestyle Shots – These types of photography shots help in showcasing a practical view of your products. Usually taken with a model, lifestyle shots show your customers how they can use your products in their daily lives.
  • Scale Shots – Measuring the actual size of the product is perhaps the most common issue with online shopping. However, you can help your customers get a better idea of the actual product size with scale photos.
  • Detailed Shots – Products like jewelry and small items require close-up shots to showcase the intricacies. That’s where detailed shots come in. These photography shots help in highlighting specific features of a product.
  • Packaging Shots – Believe it or not, customers care about everything – from browsing your site to making a purchase and receiving the product. Customers look for a consistent shopping experience. So, if you offer a great product with bad packaging, it may put a negative impression on your customers. However, if you deliver your products in beautiful and branded packaging, feature it on your product page with realistic packaging shots. This will give your customers a taste of what to expect.

Conclusion Product Photography

And there you have it – an idea on different types of website product photography. Needless to say, you do not need to implement all of the photography shots at once. Capturing consistent-looking, high-quality product images is practically not something that happens instantly, so it may take some time for trials and errors to finally achieve the results you desire. However, once you have hands-on experience in product photography, you can easily create a visually compelling brand and successful e-commerce business.