Opensea Or A Painting

Opensea Or A Painting

September 9, 2021 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

Opensea Non-fungible tokens have pushed the advancement of digital growth forward in the past few months. Every digital industry is focused on making a mark in this field. From the sports industry to the art industry, almost every industry is focused on conducting business with non-fungible tokens. Among these industries, the art industry has been promising in terms of trading non-fungible tokens and owning them effectively. The primary reason for this growth is the unique features these two domains share. The non-fungible tokens are unique so is an artwork. By combining these two unique fields. It has transformed into a great beneficial factor for artists and allowed them to raise a hefty sum of money by trading.

What Is Opensea Art?

Non-fungible tokens represent digital assets that cannot be replicated or destroyed. NFT arts are artworks that exist in a digitized form that cannot be replicated by external sources. These NFT arts are unique, and it is developed over blockchain technology. Thus, it shows proof of ownership to art enthusiasts.

How To Create Opensea Art?

Creating an NFT artwork is a completely straightforward process. All it requires is a crypto wallet and an NFT marketplace platform. The general steps required to create an NFT art are listed below.

  • Connect your crypto wallet with your preferred NFT marketplace.
  • Drop in your digital artwork on the NFT marketplace platform.
  • After uploading your digital artwork, the minting process begins.
  • The digital artwork is minted into an NFT.
  • The required technical description is added to the newly minted NFT art.
  • Then, the NFT is listed to showcase for the buyers.
  • After the listing has been done, the trading process begins and the NFT is sold on fixed price sale or it can be initiated in an auction sale which helps the creator to raise the value of the digital product.

The application of non-fungible tokens in digital artwork has been buzzing around the crypto space. It has become an enormous beneficial factor for artists who are trying to make a name for themselves in the world of artworks. This has made artists develop their own art business by creating digital artworks into their own NFTs and trade them on marketplace platforms. This has been a plus not only for artists but also for business enterprises that are looking to develop their own NFT marketplace for trading arts and make them a profitable business.

The Best NFT Artwork Ever Created So Far

Ever since the arrival of non-fungible tokens in the art domain, numerous NFT artworks have been sold for a variety of price ranges. But, till now, no NFT artwork has grossed more money than Beeple’s Everydays- The First 5000 Days in March 2021. This artwork is a collage of 5000 artworks which was created by him every day from 2007 and it is considered to be the best NFT artwork ever created on this platform. It was sold for a whopping $69.3 million USD in a digital auction house called the Christie’s.

Which Will Be Better In The Future, A Painting Or Opensea?

The concept of NFT is very simple, it converts a digital artwork into a unique artwork. These unique artworks possess different values, thus, making them scarce and function as an investment magnet in the crypto space. At the present time, our world is aggressively marching forward towards the globe of digitization where it poses a threat to industries that depend on physical objects. This is where non-fungible tokens come, these tokens tokenize these physical assets into digital assets and trade them effectively on blockchain technology.

The NFT domain shares its own pros and cons with monetizing artworks, but physical artworks are declining due to the high interest  shown towards digitization by the people. The world was gradually moving towards digitization, but the covid19 pandemic has accelerated the speed of digitization. This has started to show a decline in hosting galleries and showcasing artworks. Now, the art domain has been resurrected by the arrival of non-fungible tokens and making themselves the future of the art domain.

Best Selling Opensea Types In The Art World

The NFT’s presence in the art world gave license to all digital artists to explode with new ideas and creations. These notions have filled the art space with a wide range of NFT art types, such as 3D, sci-fi, GIF, crypto art, animation, etc. Among these NFT types, the sci-fi type is the most preferred among art enthusiasts. It has been grossing more than $7000 USD when compared to other NFT types.

The Longevity Of Opensea Artwork

The NFT domain is still a fresh concept for many people, but it is estimated to be a known concept for everyone in the next few months. Its ability to grow as a futuristic platform is enormous due to its application in almost every business industry. The diminishing of the physical artwork has paved the way for the evolution of NFT artwork. This is proven to be an efficient method of selling artworks in the long run.

The effective features of NFTs have become a favorite among art enthusiasts. The elimination of middlemen, the proof for ownership, and highly resistant to cyber-attacks. These features are rarely found in physical artworks, where they can be easily forged and sold as fake in many auctions. These unique characteristics are the main basis for the art community to be shifted to NFTs. These vital factors allow NFTs to excel in the art world for a very long time.


Opensea have opened the floodgates for digital artists to present their artworks in auction sales and fixed-rate sales on NFT marketplaces. This has also given the artist the opportunity to build an art business and convert it into a profitable business in the future. Infinite Block Tech is a premier NFT marketplace development company that has immense prior experience in guiding artists to create their own NFT marketplace for artworks and help them excel in their art business. To avail of our NFT services, reach out to us as soon as possible!