Why impact resistance gloves are essential for oilfield workers?

Why impact resistance gloves are essential for oilfield workers?

April 7, 2022 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

Impact Resistance Gloves : The oil and gas industries are very much familiar with hand injuries, and it’s not unavoidable. With the right set of personal protectives equip a significant proportion of hand injuries can be averted.

 In the oil and gas industry, hand safety starts by understanding the likelihood, thereafter by choosing the correct hand protection to address them. Hence, what type of hand protection do oilfield and oil rig workers are required?

Now The brief reply to it is that most oil and gas workers require impact resistance, an oil-resistance glove that can sufficiently safeguard their hands. However, it has more than that. Over here we’re going to find out why “impact cloves of oilfield” are so crucial and how you’re going to select an absolute pair.

Impact Resistance Gloves

The data on hand injuries in the oil and gas industry: –

In several industries, workplace injuries to hands and fingers are very common, especially for the oilfield and oil rig workers the numbers are quite serious. Hand and finger injuries make up 50% of all incidents in the oil and gas industry, and at some facilities, it’s even higher.

These injuries are not insignificant either. In terms of losing work days, hand injuries are second only to back injuries.

Over here we have recorded the data on hand injuries from a reliable source of point.

•          For oil and gas workers, impact and crushing are the two most familiar kinds of injury.

•          Cuts and lacerations, are costlier to treat, this accounts for 7% of all oil and gas injuries, and 13% are considered to be serious.

•          Chemical exposure creates 90% of irritations and allergies on the occupational skin. While 80% are on the hand skin.

•          While 81% of workers confess that they do not wear any gloves while getting injured.

Impact Resistance Gloves Market

The “Impact Gloves of oilfield” proves to be a great saver of hand from Injuries: –

To decrease the occurrence of hand injuries – safety training, behavioural changes, and new technologies should be introduced in the oil and gas industry, though most people fail to spot the value of proper PPE — particularly, impact-resistant gloves.

For example: – One of California’s largest oil and gas producers i.e., Arena Energy has seen a drop in the occurrence of hand injuries near about 50% after all the oilfield workers wear impact-resistant gloves.

How you’re going to select an impact-resistant glove?

In terms of impact protection, peek for those gears that have stuffing’s like flexible thermoplastic rubber covering knuckles, fingertips, and backs of hands.

Workers of the oil and gas field might also require resistance from added oil, water, and petrochemical. The various dealer components have features like Skid-X Grip 7, that not only offer resistance from oil, water, and petrochemicals but also provide you superior grip control in wet, oily, and dry settings.

For example: – The Deep III Barrier is a heavy-duty impact gloves of oilfield that provides superb impact protection and oil resistance.

Impact Resistance Gloves Features

Other Features to Consider: –

•          Durability – Top-quality gloves that endure and don’t require continual replacing.

•          Antimicrobial barrier lining- To repose hands dry and healthy.

•          Deftness – Provides guarantee that capable hands can make the task done perfectly.

•          Reflective materials —Whether it’s a low-light environment or night- workers’ hands remain always visible.

•          Wrist closure — To keep away relics (as well as helps to retain gloves clean from inside)

•          Flame-resistant materials — Kevlar is inherently flame resistant.

Never Sacrifice Job Performance: –

Gloves that fend off workers from being able to perform the task efficiently are less effective in preventing injuries. It occurs due to two: –

•          Workers, when can’t manoeuvre their hands properly, are more likely to make mistakes.

•          In case gloves are awkward or inconvenient, workers are less likely to wear them consistently.

For that reason, in addition to great skill, gloves are also required to be comfortable.  Top-graded gloves are not so much likely to sting, pinch, or irritate the skin. It’s also pivotal to confirm that everyone has a pair that fits them properly, so review the glove sizing guides before you shop.

Therefore, this is all about the “impact gloves of oilfield”.  Now you’ve gone through the entire matter then why are you wasting time? get your pairs as quickly as possible.