How To Be More Attractive? – Tips To Increase Attraction 

How To Be More Attractive? – Tips To Increase Attraction 

March 10, 2022 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

Do you wish to become more attractive and add charm to your personality? Certainly, someone’s physical appearance can be attractive, but there are many more things that draw people’s attention. It can be confidence, communication skills, gesture or ideas that magnetise people towards you. Attractiveness is much more than physical appearance.   

Looking for a romantic partner is only one aspect of attraction. Besides, there are many more types of attraction. You might get attracted to work with specific people, or get attracted to certain types of ideas. Attraction doesn’t have a specific definition. You might get attracted to a cafe because of its ambience or vibes. Therefore, attractiveness is a vital part of understanding what motivates people. 

If you want to be attractive, you need to learn or understand the attraction. Basically, it is being available to the right people, ideas or opportunities. An attraction occurs when you wish to know more, want to be around something or someone.  

Now, here are a few tips to become more attractive. 

Open Body Language : Attractive

As we earlier said, being attractive is not about looks. If you wish to become more attractive, change your body language, not looks. Open body language shows availability and it has the ability to draw attention that any attire, hairstyle or ornament. While interacting with someone, keeping hands in the pocket, looking somewhere else or tied hands, do not make any impact on the individual standing opposite you. So, avoid crossing legs, crossing arms, or using your phone in front of your chest. 

Do Not Hold Anything Too Tight : Attractive

If a woman is not attracted to someone and has to sit in front of him, it has been seen. Either she will hold her clutch or purse too tight or try to cover her body. When a women is attracted, she doesn’t want anything to come across her and her lover or individual she is attracted to. Same goes with the men. They should avoid holding their coffee mug or drink all the time during a date or formal meeting. 

Show The Engagement 

Giving complete attention to someone in a group shows you are attracted to him or her.  It indirectly magnetises them towards you and will convey that you like him or her the most. If something or an object is in the way between you two, put it away or manoeuvre yourself that you can lean forward without any hurdle. 

Eye Gazing : Attractive

Looking into someone’s eyes for a long is a powerful activity that not only works with humans but it also works with animals too. Studies have reported that two-minute continuous eye contact can drive the emotions between two strangers. It is no miracle but science. Eye gazing literally produces oxytocin in the heart. Though, staring too long may have adverse effects. It might make an individual feel awkward, or they look less. The pro tip is to start staring for a shorter time and gradually increase the duration. If you are having a conversation with the person you like, look less into their eyes while talking and look more while listening. 

Put A Smile On Your Lips 

Having a smile on your face while meeting new people indicates that you are happy and interested. However, one should avoid overdoing it. Before you smile, wait until you’ve been greeted in a chat or are addressing yourself. Thus, they will have the impression that their name was so attractive to you that it caused you smile brightly. They will recognise your joy and enthusiasm, generating a true attraction compounding effect.

Mirroring Body Language  

A study has shown that men get physically attracted to a woman, if she mimicked or copied their gesture and posture during a date or formal meeting. The reason behind is that people tend to copy the person whom they like or attracted to. But, it is crucial to maintain a fine-line while mimicking or copying someone, otherwise it may ruin the entire effect. 


There is not an assurance that these tips will work with every individual or each situation. You can’t assume that what triggers someone, so, it’s vital to have patience and use your common sense. It’s a delicate art, and being proactive might have adverse effects. Being happy, contented and confident is the best way to remain attractive in day to day life. You must respect someone’s privacy if they are uncomfortable being open with you,  and any effort to invade someone’s zone can lead to different consequences.