Horse Rugs – The Most Important Guide to Use

Horse Rugs – The Most Important Guide to Use

April 19, 2022 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

Horse Rugs : When you are going to shop a horse rugs, you would see that there are various kinds out there. Not everyone maintains the same quality and not every horse is the same. Also, not all the rugs are waterproof as well which is in demand for horses living in rainy areas. When buying, take a close look at the material and the construction of the fabric. Try to buy that its hundred percent cotton. This will ensure the breathability of your horse as well. Therefore, opting for Canvas Horse Rugs could be the best decision you could do for your horse and yourself as well.


Advantages of Canvas Horse Rugs

Horses regularly need clean and heavy-duty rugs due to many reasons. Here are all the reasons why you should get the 100% cotton Canvas Rugs. Keep reading the below mentioned benefits:

  • Comfort

We understand own precious your horse is to you. Therefore, you can keep everything in your capacity to make her or him feel most comfortable. These canvas rugs for them are super soft and made of 100% cotton which does not feel rough to their body. Also, the cotton makes it highly breathable for your horse. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Waterproof material

The canvas rugs are both extremely unique, waterproof, and weatherproof. There are also some tips and tricks to make it seep least water. As it does not soak that much water, your horse will not be wet when it is raining. Also, the waterproofing is made in three ways. Those are:

  • Immersion forced

These are the good old rugs that we used to see in the past. A waterproof material is used in the fabric entirely to make it waterproof.

  • Wax Coated

Wax is another material using which you can make something waterproof. Similarly, you can spray the wax lightly on the rug. With continuous using, it fades. Therefore, a redoing is must after every 6-12 months. 

  • Immersion Treated

This process is close to the immersion forced process. Also, it is more efficient and better than the wax coated one.


Maintenance tips for horse rugs

Here are a few tips of using the Canvas Horse Rugs that is important to take note of. Following these tips will ensure that your rug goes a long way.

Tip 1:

Never use your rug just after buying. Keep it went completely and then let it dry in the sun. This will help the fabric and stiches to settle well. Skipping this step will let your rug soak more water in its first exposure to the rain. You can keep it away once dry completely.

Tip 2

Scrubbing your Canvas Horse Rugs is a complete no! Whenever you see any dirt or anything, no need to wash it every time. Take a damp cloth and clean it whenever needed. 

Tip 3

Although it is Waterproof, there is such thing as a completely waterproof rug. In case of heavy rainfalls, it will surely seep some water in. therefore, every time it happens, first, dry your rug in the sun and then store it. Never do it wet.

Tip 4

You need to completely dry every time it gets wet. Being entirely cotton, it gets mildew or mould if kept wet.

Tip 5

Just keep coating the waterproof coat once or twice a year. It will help seeping as less water as possible and increase the durability.

Nevertheless, above mentioned are all the reasons why you should buy the Canvas Horse Rugs. Also, we have mentioned and shared some tips using which you would be able to keep your rug in the best possible condition. So, there is nothing difficult to have a good rug and maintaining it.