Cricbuzz – The Astonishing Untold Facts Revealed Here

Cricbuzz – The Astonishing Untold Facts Revealed Here

September 20, 2022 Off By Alina Mahesh Kumar Desai

Cricbuzz : Am I accurate in assuming that everyone enjoys watching and playing cricket? Someone shouted from over there that their favourite sport was cricket. Cricket is my preferred sport! It’s a no-brainer; he or she is practically the most popular athlete in the country!

Cricbuzz Introduction

Imagine that the power goes out as the final over of the Indian Premier League is about to begin. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for cricket enthusiasts like you and me?

Anyway, there is no longer any need to be concerned about it. CricBuzz is a website that covers Indian cricket news. In the event of a power outage or if you are away from the station and do not have access to a television, it will provide you with all the news you truly desire.

Let’s examine the Incredible Journey of CricBuzz as well as its Business Model, Founder, Owner, Revenue Model, and Revenue, among other issues.

How CricBuzz Became the Largest News Shock in Cricket and Why It Is Significant

CricBuzz: The Company’s Highlights

Name of the Organization
CricBuzz Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
The founding members of the business are Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agarwal, and Pravin Hegde.
2004 establishment; mobile app introduction in 2010
The parent organisation and owner of the Times website contributed seven and a half million dollars in revenue.

CricBuzz – About

The website CricBuzz covers Indian cricket news. Times Internet has ownership over CricBuzz. In addition to offering news and stories, it provides live coverage of cricket matches. In addition to scorecards and videos, this contains team rankings, player seating, videos and written commentary. Additionally, a mobile application is accessible via this website. CricBuzz is one of India’s most popular smartphone applications for keeping up with cricket news and scores.

The Indian Premier League is viewed as more of a festival than a competition in India. As a result of this sporting event, the nation is brimming with happiness and joy. This annual event pits cricket clubs from across the nation against one another to see who has the best cricket skills.

Pankaj Chhaparwal, who also acts as the company’s CEO, founded CricBuzz. He has been employed at this place since its inception. Since that dreadful day, 16 years and 7 months have passed. His academic career began at the L.D. College of Engineering at Gujarat University, where he majored in engineering.

Cricbuzz Ranking

STAR has taken Piyush Agarwal. He continued his schooling at the Indian Institute of Technology, which is located on the campus of Banaras Hindu University.
Pravin Hegde is both a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of CricBuzz.
Sarah Waris, a freelance contributor, is a member of the CricBuzz team. In March of 2019, she joined the organization’s staff.

Abhideep Das is the Content Strategist and Senior Producer for CricBuzz, in addition to his other duties. Prior to that, he served as the Creative Producer of Digital Content for the Kolkata Knight Riders. In addition, he served as an Editorial Consultant for Bayside Media Private Limited.

The website Cricbuzz belongs to Times Internet. Times Internet is India’s most successful internet product provider. This company’s subsidiaries include the Economic Times, Bangalore Mirror, Gaana, MX Player, MensXP, Times of India, CricBuzz, IndiaTimes, CricPlay, Databack, Dineout, and ETMoney, among others.

A Brief Overview of CricBuzz’s Startup History

Three persons who had previously worked for Infosys created the startup. The names were covered in the preceding section. In November of 2014, Times Internet, a subsidiary of Times of India, acquired a large stake in CricBuzz. In January of 2015, Times Internet became the owner of GoCricket. And integrated it with CricBuzz’s platform.
GoCricket’s website has been modified to direct viewers to CricBuzz. Additionally, the mobile application known as GoCricket was integrated into CricBuzz.
In August of 2015, CricBuzz sponsored the test series between India and Sri Lanka.

How Indian Startups are Supporting the IPL this Season

In India, cricket is revered almost to the point of being a religion. The Indian Premier League (IPL), one of the most successful franchise cricket leagues, is highly anticipated by every cricket fan. Even individuals who have no interest in cricket frequently watch the Indian Premier League (IPL) due to the sheer quantity of entertainment it provides.

CricBuzz – Business Model

CricBuzz’s business model is mostly focused on providing customers with the most recent scores of the matches. It conducts business with On-Mobile, which is linked with a variety of mobile network carriers. Users that subscribe will incur a fee in order to obtain the most recent live score updates. This is their primary source of financial support.

In addition to this source, the company provides its platform for the display of other advertisements. This also generates a new revenue source for the organisation, which is highly advantageous.
The monetization of mobile advertisements is done through a partnership between the company and InMobi.

It is difficult to gain a foothold in the world of startups. On the other side, for these Indian cricket players, this match is merely another chance to demonstrate their abilities. They have achieved the highest levels of success in both the business world and the sporting world as a result of their dedication, practise, enthusiasm, and natural ability.

CricBuzz – Revenue Model

Utilizing Adsense and Admob on its website and mobile apps, Cricbuzz generates a large amount of revenue. CricBuzz is able to make revenue through the strategic placement of advertisements that are user-friendly and contextually relevant to the content.

CricBuzz’s revenue model is predicated on advertisements, which are prevalent and how most businesses get income. In addition to this, CricBuzz gets revenue through another technique.

The showing of CricBuzz scores on the interface of hiking messenger. In generating this value for its clients, the corporation is thereby participating in a type of self-promotion. It also generates revenue by providing cricket match scores to other telecom carriers.

They keep their consumers informed of the most recent cricket scores through text messaging. Google AdSense’s significance cannot be emphasised.

CricBuzz – Achievements

In October of 2019, the organisation achieved a ranking of 406 on the international scale.
According to Alexa Internet’s rankings, its position in India was number forty.
The website rated eighth among the most commonly searched for websites in India in 2014.
As of October 2019, over one hundred million users have downloaded the mobile application.
Each day, almost fifty million visitors from every part of the world accessed the website. This produced 2,6 billion page visits in January of 2015. Unbelievable!

CricBuzz – Competitors

The International Cricket Council, Cricket Exchange, ESPNcricinfo, and Onecricket represent the greatest threat to the organization’s success.

The International Cricket Council is the international governing body for cricket.

ESPNcricinfo is a website that reports exclusively on athletic events and news pertaining to cricket.
Users of Cricket Exchange have access to the most current accessible live scores. Including accurate odds and session information alongside the other information. It keeps users acquainted with the game of cricket.

Onecricket beyond the typical world of fantasy sports. It is the ideal platform for following cricket matches, competing against your friends, and demonstrating your cricket knowledge.

The CricBuzz Expansion Report

While the 2015 FIFA World Cup was in progress. CricBuzz was the most popular website for cricket scores and the most recent cricket news. During the time of the World Cup, the organisation also experienced a massive surge of customers. During the World Cup alone, our website received over one billion mobile visits, making it the most popular destination for cricket fans worldwide.

CricBuzz is an innovative marketing strategy and an actively engaged social media presence.
The objective of Cricbuzz’s “Strategic Timeout” social media campaign was to increase its readership outside the community of cricket enthusiasts. Teams are permitted to take a Strategic Timeout in the middle of an IPL match in order to reevaluate their game plan.

Throughout the lockdown period, the content was based on the numerous strategic tactics employed by social media influencers. This content promotes the influencers’ followers to the CricBuzz app and the business’ social media sites.

Cricbuzz’s Social Media Campaign Efforts

Cricbuzz maintains incredibly active and interactive social media platforms. In addition to global cricket updates and lectures, it regularly offers new challenges and initiatives.

You will encounter numerous hurdles, including “Guess the champion,” “Strategic Timeout,” “Mask India,” and “AbCricketBuzzega.” AbCricketBuzzega is a rap song that Cricbuzz created to generate interest for the 2020 Indian Premier League season.

There was a possibility of that occurring. There is a possibility of that occurring. Additionally, there will always be opportunities to earn extra money through cricket. When it comes to this specific feature, pitches are typically given priority. Today, synthetic pitches are more technologically advanced.

These are utilised for shorter formats. Bowlers require a bit of grass and some sponge in their pitches. As a result of scenarios such as this, the sport will be more fascinating than before.

Comprehensive and strategic planning cannot be avoided. The games are suspended due to the weather. There will be stadiums with closed roofs in the near future to eliminate the most disagreeable part of live cricket. To discover more about Cricbuzz’s marketing strategies, click the link provided.

CricBuzz – FAQs

How does CricBuzz earn revenue for itself?

Utilizing Adsense and Admob on its website and mobile apps, Cricbuzz generates a large amount of revenue. CricBuzz is able to make revenue through the strategic placement of advertisements that are user-friendly and contextually relevant to the content.

Who is the CricBuzz owner?

Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agarwal, and Pravin Hegde founded the organisation that is today known as CricBuzz. Times Internet, the company’s parent organisation, owns and operates the CricBuzz website.

Who Are CricBuzz’s Principal Competitors in the Industry?

CricBuzz’s most prominent competitors in the cricket industry are the International Cricket Council, ESPNcricinfo, Cricket Exchange, and Onecricket.

How much revenue does CricBuzz generate annually?

CricBuzz generates close to $7.8 million in income.